Your Pool Game as Art…

Well I just spent the last couple of days down in South Beach, Miami, to visit the annual Art Basel show at the Miami Convention Center.  It’s always interesting to see different styles of art, from chaotic paint splashes to completely precise works of CAD quality, technical drafting like works.  As an artist, I tend towards a precise rendition of whatever I am trying to render, yet on occasion like to let loose with some wild paint splattering pieces just for a change and to see what happens.  For me, it feels good not to be stuck in any one style.

In playing pool, I also tend towards a very technical and precise style of playing and running out.  It’s nice to plod along making your shots, staying on the right side of the ball and pretty close to your work (the next object ball).  As with art though, I just have to let loose and play real fast once in a while and do things just for the fun of it to see what happens.  This stretches your abilities by forcing you to be tidy and efficient and exposing any weaknesses, and it helps increase confidence by showing yourself just what you are capable of in a short amount of time.  It is also just plain fun to have fun with the game beyond the normal fun of running the table.

So the lesson today in approaching your pool game as art, is to switch styles once in a while.  If you always play fast and freewheel, slow down and play more precise.  Instead of going for a big position area, go for a spot the size of a quarter for the cue ball to land.  If you are methodical, slow and precise, let loose and just see how fast you can run out without worrying so much about anything.

Once you go back to your normal style, you’ll have an added dimension in your game that will indeed help in some way.

OK, Shoot straight and “Never turn the cue ball loose!”

~ Max Eberle

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