“The Truth”

I have a nickname for the 10-foot hermelin pool table at Best Billiards LV… “The Truth.”

Once you start playing on this pool table you’ll find out pretty quick the truth about how accurate, or inaccurate, you really are.  And so “The Truth” is a great gift to my game, and I consider myself lucky to have access to this table each and every day.  I hear it is one of only two 10-foot pool tables in Nevada.

If you get a chance to play on a 10-foot pool table, take it.  It will force you to become more accurate, to become more fundamentally sound, to think about your position harder so the table does not force a difficult stretch, to play smarter, tighter position so you are not always shooting a super long shot.

Even if you are a die-hard bar box pool table player, putting in some time on this table will make you even more of a monster on that bar box.  In fact, after playing on a 10-foot pool table for a while, the 9-foot table seems like a bar box.

Here is a video of Earl Strickland talking about the 10-foot table.  He can be controversial at times yet most of what he says about playing on a ten foot pool table is on the money.


Pool players, grab your pool cue and find your self a 10-foot pool table to test your skills and improve upon them with.  You have no choice but to improve!

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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