A Drill From The “Cowboy” Jimmy Moore


Hello my friend,
If you’ve turned on the television recently, you may have seen “Cowboy” Jimmy Moore on Classic ESPN or some classic sports channel, beating his opponents on the pool table. He is a legend and hall of famer, a straight pool master, and known by his peers who included Willie Mosconi to be a master of the cue ball.

The Cowboy has a son named Jimmy Moore or Jimmy Jr., who I’ve recently become friends with. He is a really cool guy and and excellent player in his own right. Jimmy Jr. Has been telling all kinds of great stories about his dad, and this drill is one of them.

He said his dad used to shoot this 35 no count, even on the money. Basically you line up all 15 balls in order from the bottom of the foot rail in a straight line out past the spot. I’ve found that after the 8-ball or so, you’ll need some space between the balls so you can still hit the contact point. In the drill you must shoot the balls in order, into oposite corner pockets every shot. There really is no rule that you must go 2 rails with the cue ball, or only 1 rail with the cue ball every time. You can even bank a ball if you get out of line, or draw the cue ball 3 rails to get back into shape if need be. But you MUST shot them in order, and into opposite bottom corner pockets every shot.

Then, when you make the 15 ball, you place the balls back up and work DOWN the line, and back up 5 to get to 35! WOW! I’m still working on getting the first 15 balls in order.

I’ve done the one pocket, one rail drill many times (I’ll post that one as well) but never this opposite corner drill quite like the “Cowboy” used to do. By the way, Jimmy Jr. said he usually won this bet. Just incredible. And he liked doing it on a 10-foot table, which is what I’m playing on in the video. I can vouch that it does indeed help your cue ball control. Just 2 nights ago I ran 168 balls and it had been several months since I broke 100. The “Cowboy” used to run 100 or more every single day, and even guarantee that he would run 100 within 2 hours or not get paid for his pool hall exhibitions. Wow.

Have fun with this drill!

See you soon,

Max Eberle

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