Seven Keys To Playing Consistent Pool

Playing consistent pool is the result of a combination of many factors that when combined, make you a more powerful pool player.

Here are Seven Keys To Playing Consistent Pool (I’ll be revealing more soon)

1.  Stay in the present moment….  It is easy to get distracted by thoughts of the past and future, the score, the crowd and what they may be thinking of you…  bring yourself back to the task at hand in the moment and stay there.

2.  Play with rhythm….  This may well be the master key to consistency.  Find your routine, your stroking/eye pattern, your ideal pace… and stick to it.  Focus on playing with this tempo and stroke pattern in competition and you will find yourself winning a lot more matches.

3.  Have an attitude of constant improvement….    Resting on your laurels will insure one thing, that you will slowly lose your edge and lose consistency.  Keep improving.  Even if you can’t stop thinking and talking about the glory days when you “never missed a ball and always ran out from everywhere,” tell yourself that your best playing is ahead of you no matter what, and you are simply going to prove it by improving your game.

4.  Turn weaknesses into strengths with work….    How consistent can you really be if you keep getting stopped by a weakness that you are just too lazy to fix?  Turning it into a strength will also increase your general confidence which will be a side effect of even more consistency in your game.

5.  Keep your body still during your actual stroke through the cue ball….   Give yourself a chance and don’t be so sloppy.  You’ll be instantly 2-4 balls better if you can start keeping your body still.  No complaining.  Just stop moving your body.

6.  Master the fine tuned art of body positioning….  This is the real secret to consistency.  Master it and you’ll have extra time to breath and drink some coffee while your opponent whines while racking the balls for you 😉  LOL

7.  Practice the long straight in shot….   This will give you some reality and the opportunity to master reality.  Use it much to your advantage.  Stop, draw, follow, stun follow, drag draw, soft, medium, hard…  you’ll only become a better player and much more consistent.

There you are my friend, use these to your advantage and much to your delight!

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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