Three More Secrets To Playing Consistent Pool

Hello my friend,

Here are Three more secrets to playing consistent pool:

8:  Always have a goal…   What I’m referring to here is have a goal on each shot.  Decide where you want the cue ball to go, ideally a specific spot (for a specific positional reason).  Just doing this will now put you in the big league of mental planning and focus.  All of your body/mind/stroke efforts will be guided by this goal that you decide on each and every shot.  Be disciplined.  Have a goal.

9:  Practice by yourself whenever possible…   So often I hear players tell me that they can’t practice.  These usually are not the players anyone has to worry about.  Put the time in consistently.  Learn to love the game for the game.  Practice should not be boring if you have a lot to master and learn.

10:  Master all the bridges…   99.9% of all the players who come to me for lessons have issues with their bridge, and usually they had no idea.  Practice, perfect, and solidify your many bridges.  Your game will take an immediate and lasting jump upwards.  No joke.

Ok I want to hear good stories about victories and breakthroughs!

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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