When you are at the pool table it is yours.  You make the decisions.  You decide which balls to make and in what order.  And you decide where you want to land or try to land the cue ball on every shot.  You have the choice to run a tight ship or a sloppy one.  And you can navigate with accuracy using all the instruments available to you or you can drift about with the wind and just wonder where the seas will take you next.

Learn to make concise decisions with where you want to go so that your ship can efficiently get you there.  The more decisive you are in where you go with the cue ball, the more tight your ship and your course can be.  So stay on your toes as you walk around the table and be confident in your decisions.  The actual execution of your shots is the sailing part and you will want to develop the skills to get the job done, and arrive at your port of choice with a nice shot on the game winning ball, time and time again.

As you walk around the pool table running the balls, keep the control of the cue ball on the front of your mind.  Send it cleanly to the contact point on the object ball and have it take your desired path the landing spot you have clearly chosen.

Remember, you are the captain of the pool table, the object balls, and the cue ball.  Take charge and sail to a clear destination.

Play with command and I’ll see you soon…

Max Eberle

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