The Secret First Rail For Brilliant Cue Ball Control

I’ve said it before, that if you have been playing pool for any length of time, you know that one idea can make a big difference in your game.

Some ideas may work for you more than others.  That’s one reason why you want to constantly be on the lookout and search for the golden nuggets… here is one such nugget.  See how it works for you.

The back story includes my grandfather Pop’s philosophy that the cue ball is the only ball on the table… the only ball that matters.  He would tell me that anyone can make a shot, but it’s the player who can control the cue ball who controls the game.  And I’ll add to that shot making should become a given, of course you must pocket the ball consistently.

Now, when I was training with the late, great Jason Bowie in the Washington, DC area about 14 years ago, one of our lessons was that the object ball was simply the “first rail” that the cue ball had to contact en route to its destination.  I loved this concept!  It puts all the emphasis on the cue ball into your stroke and helps you mentally “assume” that you are making the object ball.  Of course the cue ball will react differently off of an object ball but the idea is interesting and potentially very helpful.  Just go test and see how it changes or helps your game, and if your cue ball control becomes better.  Remember, the cue ball is the only ball on the table!

Thanks Jason for that tip.  You are greatly missed but your legend lives on!

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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