Today I have a real gem for your pool game.  Just by doing this you will automatically improve your game in a couple of ways.

So what it is, is this.  Play or practice some pool with your opposite hand.  In my case, since I am a right handed shooter, my opposite hand is my left hand.  And if you are a left handed shooter, opposite handed would be with your right hand.

The first good reason to practice your opposite handed game is that you will not need to use the mechanical bridge as often.  You’ll be able to simply reach the shot and play it well with your other hand.  Most players will feel completely lost when trying out their opposite hand.  I was not much different, but I got into it simply because I like a challenge and I wanted to know what it felt like when I taught a new student the fundamentals… it must feel clunky like I felt with my opposite hand.

The trick is to try it a little bit every day and don’t give up.  You’ll have to work on your bridge, alignment, stance, and stroke.  It is also weird turning your neck in the opposite direction.  When you understand how to get behind the cue ball though and line it up to the object ball with your normal hand, you can use this as your constant and bring it over to your opposite handed game.  Just try it, it’s a lot of fun, and it will make using the clunky bridge less important (although you should practice that too).

The second reason for practicing opposite handed is that according to research, it improves your normal handed ability automatically.  So without an ounce of practice this is a sneaky trick to improve your normal handed game!  Don’t be lazy!  Just put a little time in on the pool table with your opposite hand.  Learn how to play pool all over again and allow yourself to be humbled while looking like a neophite if that’s what it takes.

By using your other hand, the other side of your brain is activated and you now activate Whole Brain Power.  My friend Skippy over at talks a lot about this.  I recommend you check out his great website!

I can tell you this from my own experience, from putting in the practice left handed I have won many games and matches because I can execute accurate shots WITH cue ball control that I just can’t do yet with a bridge… and I DID notice an improvement in my right handed game.  Everything just seemed to get even easier 😉  which my friend, is a GOOD thing!

Ok see ya soon…

Max Eberle

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