7 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For You

Thanksgiving is a National holiday and special for everyone who enjoys time with their friends and family, a good feast and taking notice of all that we are fortunate have in our lives.

Today is also my birthday and because of this, Thanksgiving has always had a very special place in my heart.  I love Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for my life and all of the abundance and experiences I’ve been blessed to have…

Today’s email is dedicated to 7 reasons I’m grateful to have you as one of my PPA faithful.

I am thankful because you…

1.  A rare and special person.  The caliber of Pro Pool Academy Members and those receiving my ezine is truly amazing.  Smart, cool, funny, willing and eager to learn, working to improve, & curious.  I’ve been really lucky to meet many great people through publishing all of this…

2. Encourage Me To Be My Best.  Because you expect the best (and should) instruction from me, this pushes me to constantly improve and deliver better content, programs and results.

3.  Get it.  Let’s face it, not everyone understands the obsession that comes with wanting badly to improve your pool game and doing what it takes to make it happen.  We are a rare breed!  🙂

4.  Said “yes”  It takes a lot these days to put your trust in a person or coach especially when there is so much misinformation about how to play pool.  I appreciate you putting your trust in me either as a subscriber or a member of PPA.

5.  Stay around  I have a lot of subscribers and members who have been with me for years and this means a lot to me, and means that I can continue to do what I do.

6.  Share your success stories with me and the world  Every day I receive emails about what is working and hear success stories on how something I’ve shared has helped a member’s game, and many have let me use these stories in my marketing so other players can see what is possible

7.  Spread the word  I can’t say how many times people come to me because a friend referred them to me and for this I’m grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey 9 ball


See you soon…

Max Eberle

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