Having touch in the sport of pool & billiards is so important.  To get the cue ball to land where you want, not only to you have to judge the speed in your mind, you must transmit that decision into the cue stick through your arm, hand, and into the shot.  Your grip hand is the contact point between your brain and the shot, so you better have a deft touch inside of your grip hand.  Your paws (hands) have to to be somewhat ‘soft’ to get the job done.

My best friend growing up had a chance to meet the President George H. W. Bush and shake his hand.  He said his hand was unbelievably buy diazepam europe soft.  Makes sense since his whole life has been that of a politician.

When playing pool, you need the grip hand of a president.  Even if your hand is rough, you have to have a ‘soft’ hand in delivering http://nosubhealth.com/product/lasix/ the cue.  Cradle the cue, don’t grip it too tight or too soft.  Allow the perfect speed of the shot to transmit through your hand and into the cue, without interference.

Just think about this and let me know it helps your pool & billiards game.

Good luck and I’ll see you soon…

Max Eberle

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