85 Ball Run In Straight Pool

Hello my friend,

Here is an 85 ball run in straight pool I made this past Sunday during the 2012 US Open Golf Tournament…

If you have played any 14.1, you know the importance of leaving a key ball (the last ball you pocket in a frame that sets you up for the break shot).  Possibly just as important is knowing your key to the key ball so that it is easier for you to play shape on your key ball.  During this run, keep your eye out for the second to last shot I make in each frame and the position of that ball as it relates to making the last ball before the break shot.

Planning a key to the key ball will help you run many more racks and you just might find you break your high run soon!

Good luck and skill in your 14.1 adventures!

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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