Four Things Pool & Billiards Champions Consistently Do For Success…

If you are reading this, you want to be a better pool player.  Either you are already a champion and just want to win even more, or you know that you have what it takes to make it happen, and you just need to keep getting those little edges to advance your game.  Ok so that’s why I’ve made this little checklist for you today to help you make sure you are moving forward.

Here are four things that champions consistently do that allow them to keep winning, or at least win as much as possible…and that help them to keep improving.

Number 1:  Champions have clear intentions of their outcome.  They know where they want to make the ball, where they want the cue ball to land, and how they plan to get it there.  Champion pool players live in a universe of specificity when it come to what they are doing on the table.  the more specific, the higher their success will tend to be.  Also they know what they want to accomplish in a event… instead of saying “Oh I want to do pretty good,” they will say something like “How big is my first place check going to be?”   Instead of saying “I want the cue ball to be somewhere over there,” they say “I want the cue ball to land right there.”

Number 2:  Champions stay focused on what they want.  Instead of allowing their mind to wander into the bad things that could happen, they become good at deciding and then staying focused on their desired outcome.

Number 3:  Champions continually put in the work to develop or maintain the skills necessary to tackle all situations.  If and if there is something they don’t know, they are eager to learn a new technique or shot.

Number 4:  If something goes wrong, champions do not dwell on it, instead they get focused back into their goals and into a positive solution to fix the situation from that moment.  So if they miss a shot, they might get mad, but they know they better be ready soon to respond with the good stuff in their next opportunity.

Think and act like a champion and guess what… you will become one!

Great shooting and see you soon…

Max Eberle

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