A couple days ago I talked about the importance of footwork in your pre-shot routine in playing pool.  I mentioned that you can get your back foot positioned (on the stroking line and the correct distance from the cue ball) so that you can then get into your stance.  Also the importance of clear thinking on what you want before getting into your stance.

Before moving forward, I want to suggest that you do have  a few options when it comes to your stance setup footwork.  Many people when asked, don’t even know what they do with their feet to set up, they just do it naturally.  This can be good especially if they’ve practiced hard to make shots, and now this unconscious footwork works for them as an automatic success system.  However, putting more effort and attention can help greatly improve consistency in shot making and cue ball control.

Here are 4 major options of footwork you can choose:

  1. Position your back foot on the stroking line in the location where it will be during your stance, so that you can simply step forward with your front foot and as soon as the front foot lands your body and bridge hand then follow and your stance if formed.
  2. Position your back foot, then step forward with your front foot and get both feet set, pause, and then descend onto the table with your bridge hand.
  3. Stand a little closer to the shot with your front foot in place and then step backwards putting your rear foot in place last, and then descend into your stance.
  4. Stand in the middle of where your feet will be, step your front foot forward into place, and then step backwards into place with your back foot and descend into place.
  5. Some type of variation of the above styles.

There is no one “right” or only way to do this (there are many wrong ways however).  What is true is that what you choose does need to work for you and become automatic in a success serving way to your game.

Pay attention to your stance setting up footwork and start to purposefully set up your feet in a way that improves your consistency.  After a while, things which seem hard to you now will become quite easy when you map out a success sequence in your pre-shot routine and learn how to plug it into your shots over and over again.

Thanks and see you soon…

Max Eberle
“Reigning World Derby City 10-Foot Table 14.1 Champion”





PS:  I will be covering all of these in a detailed video series inside of the Pro Pool Academy and have extensively inside of the Powerful Pool DVD Set.