A Slight twist on an old faithful drill…

Back in 2011 I wrote and article about utilizing the “Pool table driving range”  which is the long straight in shot.  Practicing it everyday for a while will help so many different aspects of your game from aim to body alignment.  You can read the article here.

DrawShot Long straight in billiard pool drill
Long straight in shot

So the slight twist on old faithful, is to set the shot up just slightly off of straight in, and get used to the little adjustment in aim that it requires to make the shot.  Doing this will also teach you how to make the straight in shot by default.  Once you can cut slightly to the right and to the left, you’ll know that in between these is the straight in aiming line.

DrawShot slight cut to the right
Long almost straight in shot, slight cut to the right

DrawShot (2)
Long almost straight in shot, slight cut to the left

A slight edge is still an edge, and it’s the accumulation of countless slight edges that will keep your game on the rise constantly.  Constant and never-ending improvement…  CANI

Enjoy this powerful variation and I’ll see you soon, closer to the top!

Max Eberle

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