Four elements to play steady as a Skyscraper

When builders set about building a skyscraper what do they start with, the front door?  The radio tower?  Of course not, they they start with building a strong and deep foundation, otherwise the building would fall down, and that would be bad.

The same goes for a pool player, to become the best player possible, a player must create a solid foundation of basics or fundamentals, and then they can start adding layers of complexity and ability on top of their accurate and repeatable shot making system.   The fundamentals of a pool player are not as static as the foundation for a skyscraper but the principle is the same.  A pool player must either radically overhaul their fundamentals or simply hone them once they are solid.  In a sense it is a constant process of making sure they are good.

Once the fundamentals are solid, it is a constant process to implement them shot after shot, game after game, match after match.

Here are four actions for you to incorporate into your pool game in this new year to play more solid:

  1. Find the stroking line before you get into your stance.
  2. Keep your body and head still during your stroke (stay down and follow through).
  3. Keep a solid bridge on the table all the way through your stroke.
  4. Keep the pressure in your grip hand light and even during your stroke.

Without even getting into your alignment, doing these things will help you play very solid pool.

Best of luck with your foundation and great results for you in the coming year!

Happy New Year!

Max Eberle

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