New Audio Book “Play Pool In The Zone” Now Available!

My brand new Audio Book (Physical CD Set) entitled “Play Pool In The Zone’ Systems, Strategies, Ideas, and Methods For How To Control The Cue Ball, Pocket Balls With Accuracy, Run More Racks, And Win More Tournaments, For Amateurs And Aspiring Professional Pool Players” is now available for you to order at with FREE World Wide Shipping including inside the USA and the Ebook version of the same book (Retail $19.95) is a FREE bonus during this Launch Special Sale, all for just $19.95! is the link one more time and make sure you take advantage of the special offer while it lasts. It will be shipped to your house as a physical product, it will arrive in one package that contains three separate CD Jewel cases with disc one, two, and three of “Play Pool In The Zone” for your continued listening enjoyment for years to come.

“Play Pool In The Zone” Audio Book by Max Eberle, read by Jason Call

Listen to this 5 minute sample of “Play Pool In The Zone” Audio Book by Max Eberle read by Jason Call.
Audio Book CD Set Play Pool In The Zone by Max Eberle read by Jason Call