If you analyze everything that goes into clearing the pool table in a beautiful way, the list of everything you have to do correctly is rather lengthy.  At some point, when you can keep all of those things humming along nicely below the surface, you will be able to focus on making decisions and then committing to those decisions over and over again.  

Singular focus in the game of pool will enable you ride the wave of your technique as the surfer who makes the decisions on how and where on the wave to ride.  Without mastery of how you do what you do, the wave will come crashing down and wipe you out.

However, once you have all your ducks in a row, fundamentals, aiming, pre-shot routine, stroke, positive focus, cocoon of concentration… you can now exert a powerful singular focus upon what you do, such as “where exactly do I want the cue ball and how hard must I hit it to get there?”

So playing the game of pool is similar to driving a car which is made of thousand of pieces all working together in unison, and all you have to do is “keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel” as Jim Morrison of The Doors sand in Roadhouse Blues.

“Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel” – JIM MORRISON

I know that most people think they are a good if not great driver, lol.  Personally, I’ve driven as a passenger and often I’m compelled to wake the driver up or altogether ask to please let me out of the car so I can walk.  It’s amazing how many people just don’t pay attention and weave all over the place all the while thinking their driving is “the best.” Ha!

Even though the car is doing the work for you and you might be in automatic driver mode, just how accurate is your driving really?  One of my pool coaches had me drive perfectly as an excercise and I can tell you, many drivers out there scare the bejeezus out me and quite frankly I prefer driving myself or flying with well paid professional airline pilots.

Back to the story of playing pool, even when you have a well oiled and tuned up pool machine, by all means try to make your pool shooting (driving) a work of art.  Without the intention to play perfect pool, it can never happen.  And just the act of trying will get you closer to making beautiful works of art on the table.  After all, it’s not only whether you run out or not, its HOW you run out that can make the game so irresistible!  Make your run outs the stuff of legends my friend…  

And by all means, drive perfectly between the lines or at least in the part of the lane of your choosing… and keep your eyes on the road when you change the radio station too, so we can all get safely to the next big pool tournament.  If you’ve brought me on as your pool coach, you’ll just have to live with my back seat driving…  Seriously, see how perfectly you can drive, and by the time you GET to the table, you might just find yourself in the zone already   …shhhhhhhh, don’t tell all of your opponents about that one.

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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