Aiming in pool has long been a hot topic in pool, and it seems so now more than ever.  Aim  is important, yet stance, bridge, and stroke must come first.  As an instructor who has personally worked with thousands of players, I can say for sure that aim is not the big deal that it is made out to be.  In fact, before I even see a student even hit a ball, most of the time I know what we will be working on right away, and it’s not aim.

Once a player is enlightened to all the flaws in their fundamentals, AND how to fix them, there is a lot of work and time that then must be invested in creating one’s self into a new pool shooting machine.  Once this machine starts to take tangible and reliable shape, several “aiming systems” will now work.  The magic bullet is not in the aiming system, but in the body coordination that goes into delivering the cue through the cue ball.

That being the case, once a player has a SUPER CONSISTENT approach and delivery of their cue, aiming once again becomes important.  Just as aim to a sharpshooter is important…  yet even the sharpshooter must know how to not get in his own way by timing the shot with his breath, not moving his body at all, etc. etc…

It is alluring to seek the magic “AIMING” bullet that will make you a champion overnight…  however don’t be so hypnotized by the aiming siren that you forget to handle the real business of mastering your fundamentals of stance, bridge, stroke, and keeping your body (and head) still during your shot execution.

Ok fellow pool player, enjoy the simple yet beautiful act of running the tables…  😉

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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