10-Ball Break And Run…Efficiency

Hello my friend,

Here is a 10-Ball break and run at Best Billiards LV a few weeks ago…

Landing my cue ball on the wrong side of the 5 ball forced me to take a bank shot on the six ball.

Notice how after I’m standing and deciding what to do for each shot, I’m able to just get straight down into my stance from where I am standing.  This is not by accident.  I purposefully walk to my next shot and position my right foot where I want it to be for my next shot, that way I’m able to be efficient in getting into my stance without a lot of wasted energy.  Having my chalk available at all times by my side with the magnet also helps me there… so I’m not constantly moving around either searching for the chalk or trying to move it out of the way.

Become more efficient in your game, it may help a great deal.  Spend your energy in pocketing balls and running out and let your opponent spend all the energy racking or worrying about the score.

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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