Max Eberle Pool Coaching

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This is for the serious dedicated student who wants one on one in personal coaching from me.

This service is available in the Southwest United States or anywhere in the world potentially, given the current travel situation.

I’ve been doing personal coaching for 30 years now with great success for my students.

Pool players spend thousands of dollars on a cue and case that comes with no instruction manual.  That’s where I come in, to help you get the most out of all that expensive equipment.  After all, what good is spending money on a great cue if you don’t also increase your knowledge on how to use it in a winning fashion.

To setup our first coaching session, email me at max (at) maxeberle (dot) com.  Thanks and looking forward to seeing your email.

Coaching Rates:
(before travel and lodging if I travel to you)

  • 1 hour:  $450
  • 1 full day instruction (6 hours):  $1,950
  • 2 days instruction paid in advance (two 6 hour days):  $3,450
  • 3 days instruction paid in advance (three 6 hour days):  $4,950
  • 4 days instruction paid in advance (four 6 hour days):  $5,950
  • 5 days instruction paid in advance (five 6 hour days):  $6,450
  • Rates are before travel and lodging expenses if I travel to you.
  • Rates do not include table time or other expenses associated with doing the lesson on location if its in a pool hall.
  • You may bring your own camera or micro SD card so you can keep and view the footage of your lesson for future reference.
  • I am no longer living in Las Vegas, you may message me at max @ (no spaces) to discuss possibilites.
  • Looking forward to setting something up, cheers! – Max

Submit a video for me to review

How it works:  You email me a video(s) of you shooting different shots from many angles (see video below for details).  Email to send to is mosconimax @ gmail (dot) com

I will watch your video and record my observations and suggestions over your video.  This is something you’ll own that you can always refer back to for future reference.

The charge for this will use the same rate scale below.  Keep in mind that the time covers the time it took me to make your voiceover video which includes: downloading the video, doing the voice-over, editing it, mastering it and sending it back to you.  A 12-20 min video would be around an hours time under normal circumstances.

Rates: Up to 30 minute long submitted video 

  • $550 per analysis
  • This requires a couple hours of my time to review and produce the voice over video for you that will be yours to keep and review.
  • Please send your video(s) to this email:  mosconimax @ gmail . com (without spaces)
  • Payment via PayPal before analysis to: sales @ maxeberle . com (without spaces) or
  • If you still have any questions you may call or text me at +13234458838


How it works:

  1. You email me at mosconimax @ gmail (dot) com and we agree on a time to have a LIVE ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL.
  2. If you have not already downladed the app, you download the ZOOM app onto your smart phone or computer.
  3. We discuss via a live ZOOM video call what you must do to improve in all areas.
  4. You can do this on your home pool table or at a relatively quiet location outside of your home with a pool table.
  5. You can record this call on ZOOM to keep and review for continued improvement.

ZOOM meeting software is my preferred conferencing platform as my headphones do not work with skype.

Rates for live ZOOM Session:

  • $350/first hour of session, $100 per hour as session continues.
  • Rate starts again for next session.
  • Please send your video(s) to this email:  mosconimax @ gmail (dot) com
  • Payment via PayPal before or just after Live session to:  sales @ maxeberle . com (no spaces) or
  • If you still have any questions you may call or text me at +13234458838

“I have been working on my stroke for the past few weeks like you suggested in our live video session. It’s really close. I have worked on staying down and following thru. Dropping the elbow for the power draw and my pre shot routine.

I want to work on it for about 3 more weeks then I was hoping I could send you another video for you to examine. I just want to make sure I am doing everything right. I want to make sure that if I miss, it has absolutely nothing to do with my stroke.

I will pay whatever the price is for the video and Skype. Hope your still doing it because my stroke is so much better already. I’ve realized I got to the level I’m at by doing a lot wrong. Thanks so much for your help already!”

“Hi Max, Hope that you are well.  I’ve been working on what we talked about last weekend, focusing on my stroke. The concept of bringing my fist up towards my face as the fundamental motion to base things off has really helped.  Sticking with my old positioning with cue closer to my body, shoulder in, and more of an open stance. Worked on my alignment with a mirror.

Wow, I feel like your tips on my stroke have helped tremendously, and that’s with only about 6-7 hours practice after our session. Making a big difference in my accuracy. And with the stroke change, already my draw is much much better, and that’s not even with dedicating practice to it yet.

If you have time, please have a quick look at these partial 9 ball racks—hopefully you see improvement.  Obviously still have a lot of work to do, but I can tell already that your instruction will help me take my game up a notch or two!

Would love to schedule another session in a few weeks if it works for you. You are an amazing instructor. Many thanks.  Best Regards, Andy”

Joe Rogan saying a few words about having some coaching with me.  He really worked hard on the fundantals we worked on and really took his game up several levels to where he can string racks of 9-Ball like a beast. 

Here’s a video with me giving lessons to my friend John Pierson at the Las Vegas Cue Club, just to give you a glimpse at my style of teaching. 

I work with each student according to my expert opinion on their needs including the feedback they give me.  I’m very pleased to have helped many students improve over three decades of teaching.


I was honored for the chance to work with the great and very talented young Brendan Crockett.

We focused on his alignment and fundamentals for several months, and he went on to win the BCA Junior National Championships that summer when he was 13 or 14 years old.

After that, he placed in the top 3 for 4 years in a row and represented the USA in the Junior world championships with great honor.

Brendan was a great young man and champion who passed away in a tragic car accident on June 28, 2016 at 21 years of age, along with his brother Jeff who was 24, both are greatly missed by their family and all who knew them.

The “Brendan Crockett Character Award” is now presented to a deserving junior player each year at the BEF Junior Nationals.