With all the techniques out there for aiming and playing, systems devised, packaged, and sold to the pool playing lovers like yourself, what really is the important factor that will get you playing like a champ?  And, what is it to play like a champion?  Is winning enough or is mastering the game the real goal?

I’ll start out by proposing that mastering the game is the goal and that winning is a by product of mastery.  Jack Nicholas told Tiger Woods at the start of his career that excellence is the lodestar and winning will come as a by ,buy inderal product.

Do the pool balls know or care what kind of spin you put on the ball, or punish you because you did not comply with someone’s theory on how the game “should” be played?  Not really, but they will behave as a consequence of what you think and hence do and tell them to do.  With a lot of practice you’ll find that you can master the game as long as you are within certain parameters of accuracy and at least get the cue ball where YOU wanted it to go, and the ball in the pocket you intended.

What matters most is how much intention you infuse into your playing be it practice or competitive.  If you know me by now, there are themes I always come back to and so it should be no surprise what I’m about to say…  by starting to incorporating choosing an exact spot for your cue ball to land on EVERY shot you take, you will become MUCH better that previously possible, AND do it in much shorter a time frame than you may have thought humanly possible.

This kind of discipline in picking the spot for the cue ball will become more valuable to your game than any SYSTEM ever will.  And I’m one who promotes systems.  It is the system however that is the servant of intention and therefore not the master of your results.  On the pool table your plans and desires (with the help of your skills as increased by learning from the results in which there were clear intentions) will be the driving force behind the success of the systems you incorporate.

If the system you use does not get you closer to gaining mastery of the cue ball, it’s either time to give the system less credit or start adding the component of getting your cue ball where you want, over and over again.  Why, because you want mastery.  And if you are indeed trying to win, that’s what it will take to beat the players who can (or who are at least very close) to playing perfect pool.   Time to bear down and make things happen properly on the table.  And of course within that, learn how to relax and do it with style.

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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