Lately many people have been asking me for help on their long shots.  I’ve been told that no matter how much they practice, they still only make 20-25% of their long shots.  Well its true, everyone has ended a good run because of missing a long shot.  And it’s the guys who can make those balls consistently that instill a little fear in most of their opponents.  Lets face it, that’s one thing that separates the top players from all the rest.  The retention of accuracy regardless of distance.

In fact there are millions of pool players who avoid long shots by only playing on a small table where there really are no long shots.  But here I’m going to assume you want to attack the long shot head on, and not run away.

What happens on long shots is that minute errors in your fundamentals, aim, or delivery are amplified and therefore the cue ball does not arrive at the object ball in the correct place.

BIG FAULT #1:  Jumping up during the last stroke.
BIG FIX #1:  Tell yourself to stay 100% still, and do it!  (easier said than done, disciplined work on this is only performed by the few, who end up winning most of the matches out there)

BIG FAULT #2:  Not carefully setting up your stance or descending into the shot on the correct line.
BIG FIX #2:  Get on the stroking line FIRST then set up your feet and descend carefully with your eyes on the OBJECT BALL all the way down till your hand is on the table.

BIG FAULT #3:  Wobbly, flimsy bridge hand.
BIG FIX #3:  Make your bridge stronger and tighter, and keep it solid throughout the stroke and follow through.

BIG FAULT #4:  Thinking negative and about how long, tough the shot is.
BIG FIX #4:  Give yourself a fighting chance, tell yourself how easy the shot is and that you are going to make this shot!
Ok try those and lets see how it all works for you…

See you soon,

Max Eberle


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