If the pre shot routine is a sequence of events that you can repeat in order to generate consistency in your game, lets just say that securing your bridge is probably the most important event out of that sequence.  As many pros as there are, there are that many styles of play, yet one thing that is not optional is having very well secured bridge onto the table and if you watch closely just HOW a pro will secure their bridge, you’ll notice that they do it very well is how.  The moment that the bridge hand becomes secure is the moment you know a shot will soon be fired off.  When you start to address the shots and table well with the bridge hand, your quality of shot results will surely have taken a quantum leap as well.  A pool player will ever only be as good as their bridge will allow them to become.

This makes this step in the sequence of prime importance.  A good analogy would be to that of a rock climber.  Imagine you are 1,000 feet off the ground on the vertical face of a granite cliff and your only way out is up.  You reach upwards feeling around for a suitable hand hold on which to grab so you can pull yourself up and free your other hand to look for a new hand hold and continue the process.  Knowing that your life depends on each hand hold, you will surely make sure that you have a great grip each time you decide on a hand hold.  Grip first, then continue.

The same is true in pool (most players just do not know this).  First secure your bridge in place, and then begin your practice strokes and finally deliver the cue (while holding the bridge).  Holding on to a cliff is not so easily forgotton when your life is on the line, but what about on the pool table.  Yep that’s right…  most players are letting go too soon, the equivalent of dropping off the rock face without a parachute.

The payment for such bridge hand infractions is not nearly as costly as dropping off a cliff… but missing a lot may as well be dropping of a cliff if you are hoping to improve and maintain a high level of skill on the pool table.

Add this most important aspect of your pre-shot routine into your game and trust me you will begin to dominate your current pool world, even if it is just you and the table.  You’ll be beating that table more often than not now.  Or if you do compete, winning will become a routine matter of fact in your daily reality.  Deny yourself this step in the sequence and you may find yourself swimming in a school of chum for a long time yet to come.  The choice is yours…  Be the comfortable shark that swims around and eats what it wants.  Secure your bridge hand by matter of routine, and keep it secure.

Thanks and see you soon…

Max Eberle

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