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max eberle media credibility


“Learn And Implement These Advanced Pro Pool Fundamentals Today… And You’ll Consistently Beat Your Competition Starting Tomorrow!”

Improve Your Skill Level In Days & Weeks, Not Years & Decades

FROM:  The Desk of Max Eberle
DATE:  Thursday, 8:30 am


Hello My Friend,

While playing pool have you ever experienced the frustration of one or more of the following experiences?

  • Missing too many shots
  • Not knowing where the cue ball is going
  • Inconsistency in your play, stance, & alignment
  • Your body interfering with your stroke
  • Not being sure how to position your feet
  • Not knowing where your eyes should be placed over the cue
  • Not having a solid bridge or not knowing how to grip the cue with your grip hand

And once you get something that at least feels good for the moment you are faced with questions like:

  • How do I aim to make my shots and what do I look at when I shoot?
  • How do I still make shots when using side spin (english) on the cue ball?
  • What path does the cue ball exactly take and how do I control that?

Finally you search online or around town at pool halls for how to

  • Get a great draw shot (back spin) working
  • Follow the cue ball like a pro
  • Execute complicated spin/stroke shots like a master
  • Run the table in 8-ball, 9-ball, 14.1, 10-ball and more
  • Break like a champion and there’s much more to learn

Even the World Champions had to figure all of this out and it took them years of looking and trying out different things until they found the answers they needed to win more and put food on their table and gas in their car…  I’ve spent decades figuring all of this out and testing it against the worlds best players, and as a result I’ve beaten 16 world champions and dozens of famous top pros, and I’ve put this essential knowledge into an almost 5 hour long program for you to get there faster…

poolhistorywillienme89-300115-Time World 14.1 Champion Willie Mosconi & 2013 World 10-Foot Table 14.1 Champion Max Eberle at 16 years old in 1988 in Louisville, KY

Pool Playing Friend,

I wonder if you realize just how important specialized knowledge on fundamentals is to your pool game?

Suppose you could reap the benefits of working with one of the sport’s best ever professional players and coaches, and get the rewards of their years of hard earned knowledge and experience, without spending thousands of dollars and traveling the globe.

Consider this…

Champion pool players have better fundamentals than everyone else.

Most players never make it beyond a certain point in their game, until they get the proper guidance from the right person. Without this, you could easily stagnate at one level for years on end, or get frustrated with spotty improvement and inconsistent results.

You see the best player in your region and on TV and they make the game look so easy. Almost like they were just given some special power at birth to pocket balls and get the cue ball to land where they want almost every time.

It looks like they pretty much invented pool…but when you get to the point where it really counts, they can’t tell you a single thing that makes any sense for you. Do you know what I mean?

Yes, some of them won a bunch of tournaments. Maybe it was skill, talent, luck, or just perfect timing…who knows? You have seen them run out in videos and learned all their shots, watched them in tournaments…and yet you are left going back to the reality of your own game, handing over too many games and matches you know you could have won, and still you don’t know exactly what to do or how to really take your game to the next level…

So you keep practicing on what you think might be good and experience flashes of improvement yet there always seems to be that sticking point that’s hard to get past unless you just have one of those “ON” days by sheer random luck or chance, then it’s back to normalcy.

I’ve had enough!

I had to do something about this and create the ultimate DVD Series on how to improve your pool game fast!  Not all the wacky theories and wild ideas that are off base and coming from someone who can’t compete with the world’s best players. Only the best pro stuff that works fast!

There used to be no products on the market from an authority that properly covered this most important part of the game, until I released Powerful Pool, World Class Fundamentals.

winning mindset for pool trophy

In it you’re going to find real fool proof methods that you can use right away, based on the proven knowledge, skill, training, and experience that I have from being a world class competitor for many years, that is guaranteed to make you a better player.

If you’re the kind of person who likes detailed instructions, then you will love the tools I have to help you transform yourself into a fierce looking and straight shooting pool playing machine!


World Class Fundamentals

The Seven Primary Skills

Box & Discs Powerful Pool Medium-Small



“your instructional DVD is the best that I have ever bought”


I really appreciate your emails. I find them real informative and I have really benefited from your Powerful Pool DVD. As I have mentioned in the past, your instructional DVD is the best that I have ever bought and has helped me tremendously.

If you put out anything else, I’ll be one of the first to purchase.

Without mentioning any names, some put out products just to make money. You put out a product and have a genuinely way of showing the consumer that you care about their success.

Within 2 months, my shot making and stroking abilities improved measurably. I credit you for that Max and I am grateful. I may be 69, but I’m still improving.

Please make more videos. Maybe something on kicking and banking (hint-hint).

Hope you had a nice Christmas. Best of luck with your game in the New Year and continued success in your business endeavors.

“Now I’m stroking the ball”


Doug Cormier




(Click the play button above to watch a small sample from the Powerful Pool DVD Set, total run time 4 hours, 40 minutes of power packed lessons!)

You’re just 7 clicks away from:

  • Detailed coaching on Stance, Stroke, & Bridges
  • 10 different aiming systems to suit your style
  • World Champion level coaching on Stop, Draw, & Follow Shots
  • How to put it all together and much, much more!
  • Boatloads of proven techniques and ideas that you can use right away
  • Easy, clearly explained, and to-the-point methods
  • Powerful actions that “Pool Superstars”Perform every day at the table
  • Drills and approaches to finely tune your skill as it advances in the program.


“Your DVD set was the best money I ever spent on pool instruction”

Hi Max,

I loved it and would definitely like to see more!  I will certainly share with others.  Keep up the good work.  Your DVD set was the best money I ever spent on pool instruction.

Which I have had for more than a year now.  It has been a big help to me in both my game and instruction.  Thanks again for all you have done to help bring my game back.  I love all the videos you send.


Steve Register

As you’ll see in this letter, I actually practice what I preach and rank among the most successful teachers at providing easy-to-understand techniques that other people can (and do) use to greatly improve their pool game, let’s get down to the specifics: what exactly is in this DVD Set?

Disc 1:
Skill 1 – Developing a Super Solid Stance
(essential for success)

  • The similarities between pool and other sports
  • The important relation between your stroke and your body
  • How to set up your stance for an effective stroke
  • How to keep your body out of the way of your stroke
  • The components of a super stroke
  • Where to put your back foot
  • The all important vertical plane
  • Powerful foot positioning
  • What direction to face your body
  • How to naturally stay balanced in your stance
  • How learning from golf can help your pool game
  • How having the balance of a football linemen can help you play pool well
  • How not to “chase” the cue ball.
  • Simple methods to enter your stance with perfect alignment and balance
  • Why to get your center of vision on the stroking line before you are in your stance
  • How knowledge of body mechanics can improve your opposite handed game 200%
  • How to take advantage of your arm joints to create an automatically straight stroke
  • What does a pool throwing motion look like?
  • How to get your center of vision on the stroking line
  • What ties together your stance, stroke, and aim
  • How to consistently set up the perfect distance for you from the cue ball every shot, and be balance.
  • Guideline on where YOU should grip the cue for the best stroke
  • How to create the perfect stance
  • The power of upper body alignment mastery
  • How to get a good setup when the tale is in your way
  • How to stretch as far as possible with good alignment.

“these tips are exactly what I needed to get to the next level”

“This DVD has really improved my pool game & I have been playing for many years. But some of these tips are exactly what I needed to get to the next level. Just won the High Pockets Nineball Tournament. Thanks Max! ”

David Dlugach

Memphis, TN


“The “Professor” recommends Max”

“The “Professor” recommends Max.”


Grady Mathews

One Pocket Hall of Fame, Runner-up in ESPN Brunswick World Open 9-Ball Championship, Acting role in the

blockbuster major motion picture The Color of Money starring Paul Newman

and Tom Cruise, Author, and Master Instructor with some of the best

instructional tapes ever produced available at www.GradyMathews.com

Here’s what I mean by “best pro stuff”

You know how racing car engineers will keep modifying their formula of parts and design until they have only the best, soundest, most likely to win car components left in the car?  Well, it’s the same thing with playing pool. The players who have been at it for years and reached the top pro levels, have heard of everything and tried everything you can imagine, and made every mistake you can imagine.

And to reach that top pro level took insane amounts of time, money, learning, wins, losses, traveling, all nighters, road trips, match ups, trials and tribulations, observation of the worlds best, and playing against the world’s best just to get to the refined point they are at now.

After all that, such a player has figured out how to get rid of the 90% of junk that is BS or does not work and just end up with the jewels that routinely lead to success on the table.

Consider this…  The most important jewel, that will make the rest of your game always sparkle, is having refined and effective fundamentals that you can rely on. I don’t say this because I teach it, I teach it because I say it.

The problem with finding solid instruction on technique out there is that it is either:

  • Incomplete and half baked, or
  • Is so specialized and intuitive for the person doing it that they can’t even explain to you how they do it themselves.

I have found that there are a few basic, reliable techniques that I’ve kept everyday in my own game that consistently generate great results. When I am playing pool against the world’s best, I do not have time for techniques that do not work,nor can I afford to mess around with anything that I have not proven to work time and time again.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to run the pool table in one inning, then you are going to love what my training can do for your game.

Disc 1:
SKILL 2 – Having Super Solid Bridges
(what you need to work on)

  • How to get more versatility out of your bridge
  • Step by step how to form the most effective bridges
  • What NOT to do with your bridges
  • One simple thing you can do with your thumb to make your bridge twice as solid right away.
  • How to create more stability in your bridges
  • Multiple variations of the standard bridges
  • Where to put the pressure in your bridge hand
  • How to adapt your bridge to fit multiple situations.
  • Insider pro secrets on making bridges
  • What not to do with your bridge arm wrist on elevated shots
  • What making bridges should have in common with sign language.
  • When to practice your bridges
  • Bridging like a champion when the cue ball is near the rail
  • A choice insider secret to NOT miscuing when cue ball is on or next to the rail.
  • How to achieve a longer back swing even with cue ball near the rail.
  • How to use the “heel” of your hand to become extra solid.
  • How to make great bridges even when lots of balls are in the way
  • How to get EXTRA height out of your elevated bridges
  • Why being like a spider is good sometimes even if you are not “The Black Widow”
  • How to be ready with your bridge before its even on the table
  • What to do when the cue ball is different distances from the rail
  • Bridges for breaking from the rail or the table with POWER
  • Adapting in “funny spots” around the rails & pockets.
  • How golf can help your break.
  • Using the mechanical bridge aka rake aka granny aka rest

“…your DVD has helped me a great deal with my game.”

Mr. Eberle, your DVD has helped me a great deal with my game. I just won a local tourney tonight and I owe it to you! Good Luck on the felt!

Rick, Georgia


“Learning his techniques will help players from the beginner all the way up to the more advanced player”

“Max has developed a vast knowledge of pocket-billiards that not only works in theory, but on the table where it really counts. Learning his techniques will help players from the beginner all the way up to the more advanced player.”

CJ Wiley

Dallas, TX

ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Champion, Martial Artist, Pool Club Proprietor, Promoter, CJWiley.com

Disc 1:
Skill 3 – Delivering a Super Stroke
(and secrets to develop it)

  • How to make your stroke straight, smooth, accurate & consistent
  • Champion’s secrets of he basic stroke vs. Max’s Drop The Elbow Stroke
  • How to easily add six inches or more of length to your stroke
  • How to get more cue ball action with less effort out of your stroke
  • How to control your cue when dropping your elbow
  • How to start your stroke coming down the stroking line to begin with
  • How your backswing is vitally important to your stroke
  • Insider secrets for developing your stance and alignment
  • The KEY to pulling back straight on the stroking line
  • Why you need to be a scientist and an athlete
  • What to look at and why on your back-swing
  • Exercises and Drills for developing a devastatingly straight stroke
  • How to adjust your backswing to fit your desired spin & power
  • What not to do with your grip hand during your stroke
  • Insider champion secrets on a great grip
  • What not to do with your grip hand
  • At least four different grip options that are effective and can fit into your style
  • The purpose of the warm-up strokes and how to achieve rhythm
  • How the practice strokes and waggle in golf are similar
  • Drills to create a straight stroke and “dead on” center ball hit
  • How to adjust your backswing for the speed of your shot
  • Max’s ultimate drill to supercharge your stroke for maximum use
  • What key components go on the stroking line

“You do a great job on explaining why things work the way they do”

“Hello, I received the book and DVDs a couple of days ago and wanted to say that the information in them are extremely helpful for me. You do a great job on explaining why things work the way they do and not just saying this is how you do it. The simple references to other sports help the mind absorb why it works. I have gotten as far as the bridges in the first DVD and my game has already improved 20 percent with just stance and stroke improvements. Thank for making the DVDs.”


Richard Greenman

Nov 12, 2011


“Max Eberle has flawless fundamentals and a deep knowledge of the game of pool”

“Max Eberle has flawless fundamentals and a deep knowledge of the game of pool. He also has a great understanding of the mental aspect of the game, and is a terrific teacher. I could think of no better person to instruct you in this complex and beautiful game.”

Joe Rogan

Comedian, TV Personality, Celebrity Pool Champion

Los Angeles, CA

Disk 2:  The middle skill which connects your body to the shot
Skill 4 – Eagle Eye Aim (and how to develop it)

  • How to become a pool shooting machine
  • How accurate aim testing comes only after building solid fundamentals
  • How to improve with scientific precision
  • How missing helps you improve…if you are paying attention
  • Well guarded secrets of world championship aiming
  • 10 powerful, accurate, and effective aiming techniques
  • How to find and hit the contact point
  • The geometry of shot making
  • How playing like a child can teach your brain about how to aim
  • The difference between the contact point and the stroking line
  • The basic yet elegant geometry of aim up to intuitive aiming secrets of the champions
  • Why and how all roads lead to Rome and where is Rome on every pool shot
  • How to simplify the ghost ball to it’s basic powerful core
  • What to look at during your stroke and backswing
  • What the most important spot on the table is and how it can balance you in your stance perfectly every time
  • How to combine aiming systems to beat your competition
  • Training aids to improve your aim
  • Fifteen time world champion Willie Mosconi’s aiming system revealed
  • Aiming with X-Ray vision
  • How you can develop the consistency of the world’s top shot makers
  • How fractions can help you aim
  • Shot making tips and drills
  • How to beat your problem shots and make them your best friend
  • How to practice like a pro and actually master shots
  • Progressive shot making drill theory to master all the angles
  • How side spin affects your aim and how to accurately adjust so you still make the shots
  • How to learn aim adjustments
  • A simple cheat-cheat to automatically and accurately adjust your aim for deflection
  • What kicking a soccer ball can teach you about aim
  • How the ghost ball moves when you use side spin

“Highly recommend ordering Max’s DVD’s”

“Highly recommend ordering Max’s DVD’s. They are helping my game a ton!”



Alvin Nelson


Video Production

Cleveland, Ohio


Disk 3: The last three primary skills of stop, draw, and follow
Skill 5 – The Stop Shot
(from all distances and various speeds)

  • What the most important shot in pool is for cue ball control
  • How to make great stop shots at all different distances and speeds
  • The physics of a stop shot
  • How the cloth affects the spin of the cue ball and how to use that understanding to win games and matches
  • Demonstrations of creating top, stop, and draw action
  • The timing you need for all stop shots
  • How to vary where you hit the cue ball and still get a stop shot
  • Long range stop shots
  • Why the stop shot is so powerful for your total game
  • The exact angle the cue ball travels after contact with the object ball
  • How to predict cue ball direction
  • How to stop the cue ball anywhere on the tangent line
  • Making caroms to win games
  • How the angle affects your cue ball speed down the tangent line
  • How to “shape your shots” or cue ball routes
  • Why to plan a route on thin cuts
  • How top and bottom spin affect direction off the tangent line
  • How to manipulate friction to your advantage
  • When left and right spin affects cue ball direction
  • How to improvise

“you made a great product…Worth every penny.  Thanks!”


Hey, I’m a 20 year old college student and just got your dvd (Powerful Pool with Max Eberle) today and couldn’t stop watching it. I just wanted to say that you made a great product that has a wonderful style of teaching. I really appreciate it! Worth every penny.



Your fan and student,

Salim Leclercq


“I would highly recommend any advice/instruction he has to offer.”

“For those of you who might not have ever seen Max play, he possesses the soundest fundamentals I have ever seen, I would highly recommend any advice/instruction he has to offer.”


Corey Harper

2005 UPA Pro Pool Tour Rookie of the Year, Sports Marketing C3, CrownCityBilliards.com

Pasadena, CA


Disc 3:
Skill 6 – The Draw Shot
(the powerful backspin lessons you can’t find anywhere else)

  • What your stroke needs to have to get good back spin on the cue ball
  • Common pitfalls preventing a good draw shot
  • Basic stroke draw vs. drop elbow draw
  • The important components of draw
  • Insider pro secrets on getting great back spin
  • A champion’s guide to developing awesome draw shot speed control
  • How to properly control your grip hand
  • How one backswing adjustment can double your power
  • How to draw with open hand bridge
  • How not to scooop the cue ball
  • Drills to super charge your draw power, speed control, and accuracy

“you really nail down the details”

Thanks Max!
As soon as I received your DVD’s, I made a pot of coffee and was glued to the TV until I watched all three DVD’s. Can’t wait to read the Zen book… I liked your DVD series because you really nail down the details of how you do exactly what you are demonstrating.

Dale Pastel


“I have watched them several times”

“Max, I honestly felt that my pool game had hit a rather large plateau. No matter what it was I tried to do differently, the game just felt the same. Then as if by sheer happenstance I came across your website. Watched your short videos and went through your boot camp and felt I would be a fool not to purchase your DVD set. I have watched them several times to ensure that I have taken in all that you have had to say and show me. My game has improved to heights that I never thought would be possible this quickly. You truly are a master of your sport and I greatly look forward to one day being able to shoot on the same table as you. Thank you for all your help and keep up the great work.


Matthew Fitzwater

Hornell, NY


Disc 3:
Skill 7 – The Follow Shot

  • How the follow stroke is different from the draw stroke
  • How to hit the ball high enough to achieve real top spin
  • How to master extreme spins
  • How and why to achieve a level stroke on your follow shots
  • Two major types of follow, how to execute them, and why
  • How to keep the object ball on line with speed…still controlling the cue ball
  • Follow drills to explode your skill!

“You have retooled me with VERY positive results already achieved. Thanks!!””

“Max just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your Powerful Pool DVD. As an experienced player I thought my

fundamentals were good. You have retooled me with VERY positive results already achieved. Thanks!!”

Rod Neely


Disc 3:
Bonus Section – Putting it all together

  • How to draw with the cue ball 1 inch from the object ball
  • How to synchronize your eyes and stroke like a champion
  • How to aim like a sniper
  • Max’s powerful system on aiming and setting up
  • Where to keep your eyes focused as you drop into your stance
  • When and why to pause during your warmup stroke sequence
  • Powerful drills to help you finish your stroke and be as solid as the champion you are
  • How to cure yourself of jumping up too fast
  • A powerful drill to develop your stance set up and instincts
  • Developing your concentration
  • Making shots with your eyes literally closed
  • The best cure for jumping up too early
  • Take away attachment and get in touch with your stroke
  • How to build trust in your stroke

“I would also like to congratulate you on the DVD. It is excellent!”

Hi Max,

Just want to inform you that I have received the DVD. The delay was due to the postal company here.  I would also like to congratulate you on the DVD. It is excellent!


Arun Anand



You may be asking yourself… who am I and why should you listen to me? And where do I get off telling YOU how to improve your pool game?


max eberle derby city straight pool champion 2013

“World 10-Foot Table 14.1 Champion” 2013
at Diamond Billiards legendary Derby City Classic, Elizabeth, IN



  • 2013 World Champion Derby City 10-Foot Table 14.1 Challenge
  • Has beaten 16 World Champions & Dozens of top ranked pros
  • 2012 Tunica Diamond 10-Foot Table Bigfoot Pay Or Play 14.1 Champion
  • 2012 Tunica Diamond 10-Foot Table Bigfoot Pay Or Play Banks Champion
  • 2008 “Best In The West” Pro Invitational 9-Ball Champion
  • 2006 WPA World 14.1 Championship Bronze Medalist
  • 3-time West Coast 9-ball Champion
  • 2003 & 2004 Held a top five UPA Tour pro ranking through both years end
  • 2003 was voted “UPA Tour Sportsman of the Year, as an outstanding role model to all professional players” 
  • 1993 & 1994 National Collegiate 8-ball Champion
  • 1991 BCA Junior National 8-Ball Champion (15-18 year old division)
  • High run of 196 in straight pool in 2006
  • 10 consecutive break and runs of 9-ball on a regulation 9-foot table in 1996
  • 23 ball run in one pocket in 2014
  • Sponsored by Pechauer Custom Cues 2009-present

Just so you know what qualifies me to be worthy of trusting your pool game and time with me, my Grandfather Charles “Pop” Eberle was a legendary hustler who traveled the country and sent the money he made on the pool table back home to his wife Francis and kids, one of whom was my Father Rob.

My grandpa Charles “POP” Eberle in action!

Pop would regularly run 100 or more balls in straight pool and entire racks in 15 ball rotation, or “pill pool” as they called it back then. He even took the opportunity to talk with 15 time World Champion Willie Mosconi about the most important thing in playing pool.


He then taught my father Rob, my uncle Dave, cousin Ed (Sarasota county champion), cousin Danny (run out player), and other family members how to play pool. My dad Rob became good enough to run 75 balls in straight pool and 5 racks of 9-ball, and the others all reached a high level as well, with my brothers Will and Stephen being able to run some racks on the table as well.


Me at 5 or 6 years old shooting next to my brother Stephen.

I was around the game since before I can remember and when I was 12 decided to master it and become a pro one day.

Pop (along with my dad Rob and uncle Dave) took me on as a project and before we knew it at 13 I won my first youth event, at 15 my first adult 9-ball event,at 18 the BCA Junior National Championships, at 20 & 21 I won back to back National Collegiate Championships, and in 2003-2004 was a top 5 ranked male pro at years end both years, reaching as high as number 3 ranked on the pro tour.


Some of my other pool mentors include Garten Bierbower (legendary cash player who’s mentor was taught by the superstar Willie Hoppe), Nick Varner (Hall of Famer & 8-time World Champion), Chan Whitt Sr. (who’s late son Chan Whitt Jr. was a TV famous prodigy and first ever BCA Junior National Champion), Jason Bowie (esoteric sports genius & running back with OJ Simpson in college), and many other great players (the best of the best) that I’ve had a chance to learn from and compete against on a regular basis.


“Best In The West Pro Invitational Champion” 2008
at the world famous Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA

In that time I’ve won literally hundreds of local tournaments, several dozen regional events, 3 West  Coast Championships, and several mid-sized pro events. My best finish in majors were a runner up in the 2003 Derby City Classic 9-Ball which was the largest pool tournament in the canadian online pharmacy entire world, and a 3rd place in the 2006 WPA World 14.1 Championship with the best run average including 81-and-out vs. Johnny Archer (Hall of Fame), 127-and-out vs. Danny Harriman (2005 UPA Tour Champion), and 109 ball run vs. Oliver Ortmann (2 time World Champion and US Open Champion).

The list of players who have lost matches to me reads as the who’s who of the professional pool world.



“I was just re-reading your Zen Pool, its very helpful, thanks!”


Bryan Binns, Plano, TX


Hi Max, Thanks for the emails and information.



Thanks Max. That really makes a better way to look at control and helps in shot making also.



“Thanks Max…it’s starting to feel more normal to have a really solid bridge.”

“Thanks Max. Thanks for working with me on my bridge. A week or so later, and it’s starting to feel more normal to have a really solid bridge. It frees me up to focus on speed, spin and my contact point. It’s odd, but my loose ‘dynamic’ bridge was taking up mental bandwidth, though I wasn’t consciously aware of it. The absence of that diversion is pretty remarkable.”




“since your drills and all that you’ve sent me, I’ve improved my game by a lot…I went from an APA 4 to a 5.”

“Max, I just wanted to let you know since I have received your tapes I went from an APA 4 TO a 5. I was a 4 for 2 years and just wasn’t getting any better….


What’s up Max! That’s pretty motivating what u sent! I’d say since your drills and all that you’ve sent me, I’ve improved my game by a lot. Although I still have a lot to practice on still. It’s amazing how quick one can forget the basics and fundamentals that are extremely necessary to be consistent. Since all you’ve sent me i would play some small time bar tournaments and would usually place 4th or 3rd and sometimes 2nd!


Now I’ve been winning them regularly and I know I would prefer 9 foot tables I found it much easier on the bar boxes! Anyways thanks for all the advice and vids you’ve been sending me Max! I’m looking forward to what your going to send next! By the way your CDs have helped me improve my game and I see improvements weekly. They are gradual but have put me on the righ path for improvement. I would like to see any drills that you recommend.






“Working at it now, realized that when I had changed my stance to the “modern snooker stance” last year summer, it messed up my game. now in undoing all of that and working on my alignment I can feel and see the difference, not coming as 2nd …nature yet, however the feeling is coming back as well as the results – only after 2 days! (smiled for the 1st time this year, literally).

Thanks for an excellent DVD, wish I had it before I took the brits advice. Should be #1 on anybody short list of dvds to get.”

Alexander P. Chang

Kingston, Jamaica

“Yea I’ve been playing heavy for about 3 years now, which realistically isn’t long at all. However I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to waste time. If I’m gonna invest time and effort into something its because i want it to be worthwhile. I have bought multiple books and DVDs over the past few years, none of which really made any sense.

The people that made those products know how to PLAY pool themselves, but Max Eberle TEACHES pool in great detail and I would greatly recommend any aspiring champion to make one more small investment in their game. Since I bought the Powerful Pool DVDs I have made leaps and bounds in my game that were literally because of the simple yet CRUCIAL information in these DVDs. Simply put: If you want to gain knowledge which directly inverts into skill, buy these DVDs; You won’t be Disappointed!”

Dustin Ragsdale


“If you are serious about mastering fundamentals, I can’t say enough on how much knowledge Max will impart to you and your game! With a committment to practice You’ll see amazing results, almost instantly!

…Hey Max, I’m getting much better @ finding the aiming/stroking line! today I just threw balls up! and started shooting straight down the rail! It was amazing to me how everything I’ve learned from disc one made the shot feel so much more natural! whether I made or missed the ball! I pretty much made a lot of them, but hey! I’m not gonna sit up here and act like I didn’t miss any! LOL! For me, I am getting the distinct feeling when I am in line with my shot!

I’ve never really had that feeling until a week or so ago! so I know your instruction is working! and I am grateful that someone of your caliber and experience really wants to help ALL players, at all levels! I believe in a couple of months people are really gonna start to notice how I am hitting, and pocketing balls! I still haven’t quite got the stance down but I am learning to put my right toes on the stroking line and I seem to have more consistency, and success!

I am viewing disc two, but realize that I haven’t mastered the basics yet!…. but I’m getting so much useful

information, I find myself trying to incorporate it all! I know it all will one day be in place so for right now, I have to keep reminding myself that I have to take small steps to walk, bigger steps to run, and full steps to sprint! Take care! M.E. and I’ll keep you posted!”

Ed Sellers

Van Nuys, CA

“Max, I purchased the dvd set about two weeks ago. and already have seen great improvement in my game. I have always been a decent player but had reached a plateau and could not figure out why I was not improving.

The answer was the basic …fundamentals that you teach in the dvds. Secrets that I had never learned. Now I am concentrating on aligning my shots properly and all my shots are going in on a regular basis and my cue ball control has also improved greatly.

I recently played a couple of players that I used to have trouble beating and this time I beat them rather easily. Hope there may be another set of dvd’s on the way.”

Mark Parsons

Insurance Agent

Salisbury, MD


“Max’s skills are absolutely ridiculous!! Seriously this man Plays and Coaches w the Best of them… Much respect and admiration times X as an absolutely rare talent, amazing soul, and priceless contribution to the World.”

Sterling Williams

Actor & Fashion Designer, www.sterlingwilliams.com

Los Angeles, CA

“Just got the DVD “Powerful Pool.” Great material Max!!! Some of the best instructional material I’ve seen and I have seen almost everything.

People You better get a set and Max you better request some more.

I used many of your teachings when playing

with a bunch of friends last night and the results were amazing!!! Especially on long tough shots. My ability to make the long shots went way up when I used your alignment teachings. Thanks Max and I’m coming to get a game with you soon. LOL JK”


John Shifflet

Souix Falls, SD


“I think Max’s DVDs and the book are the best I’ve ever seen, very professional, thanks Max for sharing!!!”

Pedro Custodio


“I’ll take the Mad Max as a partner, banks anyone? Y’all gotta buy the Mad Max’s DVD, he’s the real deal! Good Xmas gift, for your pool playing buddies, yup!”

Robert Leblanc

Legendary pool player, role in the major motion picture PoolHall Junkies, author of Confessions of a Pool Hustler

“Max is able to put clearly into words what it takes to get to higher levels by grooming better thoughts and techniques. Using Max’s tips, practicing his approach, andIntegrating it into your routine, I can see where a player might jump a level or two.”

Chris Tate

Los Angeles, CA


“I received my DVDs and Zen Pool book. I’ve already started putting into practice what I’m learning. Great Deal.”

Alan Monroe


“…goes far beyond other pool methods…”

“Max’s uncanny perspective to analyze and correct flaws in your playing will undoubtedly improve your game; his unique instructional style goes far beyond other pool methods and books in your relentless drive for perfection.”

Will Soper

Motivational Speaker

Arlington, VA

“was a real pleasure meeting you and watching you play!”

“Congratulations again on your win yesterday at the California Pool Player’s Tour, Max! We really appreciate your support. It was a real pleasure meeting you and watching you play!”

LouAnne Laflamme


“the foundation for world class play”

“Max Eberle puts aspiring and experienced players on the path that will provide the foundation for world class play.”



My Friend,

Having Great Fundamentals Is To Winning And Being Consistent What Air And Water Are To Staying Alive… You Simply Cannot Have One Without The Other .

This is your special invitation to join me now on the satisfying “run out” side of the pool table! Discover The Secrets That Transform Normal Pool Players…Into Great Pool Players!

Finally! You now have “the straight scoop” from a guy who not only plays and wins on the world class level, but also teaches others how to get there as well!

So ahead and order now… you won’t be disappointed …and welcome to the world of playing run out pool!

Thank you & See you soon…





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