Tired of Getting Taken To The Cleaners By Leaving Your Opponents Easy Run Outs?…


From the desk of Max Eberle

Dear Friend,

Do you ever get tired of a run out ending because you played the wrong shot, missed position, missed a ball, or just didn’t quite know what to do?  Maybe you had your idea of what was best but somehow knew that a pro may have chosen a different option, one that lead to easy victory?

Do you find yourself often running a few or several balls, only to get into trouble before the table is clear, and just hand over the table to your opponent on a silver platter?

One of the most important aspects in becoming an expert player yourself, it to play with and learn from someone who already gets the results you want.  I was fortunate to grow up around a few great players who I could play with and learn from, pick their brains on why they shot certain shots, and then immediately start to apply the principles I learned from not only watching, but from our conversations about situations and how to play the table.

I can see that many players are not afforded the same luxury that I had growing up of being able to converse and play with great players.

So I set out to create a series of videos that would substitute and serve as the next best thing as working one on one with a professional, a series of videos in which I actually walked you through real live run outs and explained my decision buy valium paypal making process as I went along through the shots.  Even if I were to make a mistake, I could use that as an opportunity to discuss what went wrong and perhaps how it could be done better.

And so now I’m pleased to make the first DVD in this series available to you in “THINK & RUN OUT, Volume One: 10-BALL RUN OUT TUTORIALS”

In This Brand New DVD You Will Learn:

  • Several new position shot options for playing winning 10-Ball
  • What kind of spin to put on the cue ball to achieve the desired shape
  • “Shaping” your shots to land where you want
  • How to avoid traps in position play
  • Secrets for making kick shots
  • How to play offensively and give yourself a great chance of winning
  • A Few easily implemented secrets for breaking with power from the bed of the table
  • Key things to remember and focus on for success
  • New ways of recovering from an errant position shot
  • How a pro thinks as he runs the rack
  • One simple trick to help you make more 10-Balls (and miss fewer of them)
  • And much more!

Here is a sample rack from the DVD…

THINK & RUN OUT Volume One: 10-BALL RUN OUT TUTORIALS is composed of 12 racks like this and

2 BONUS “HEAD CAM” 10-BALL Run Out tutorial videos.

Sample of “HEAD CAM” videos…

All of the videos in THINK & RUN OUT Volume One, are available to members of, my private membership site, and a couple of the run outs are on YouTube.

Most have never been available to the public until now and it is with pleasure I bring you THINK & RUN OUT!

Max Eberle

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