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“The Ultimate Handbook For Success On Pool And Billiards Tables World Wide!”

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Glen Atwell Reviews Pool Book: Zen Pool by Max Eberle


Greg Harada Reviews Pool Book: Zen Pool by Max Eberle

“Max Eberle has flawless fundamentals and a deep knowledge of the game of pool.  He also has a great understanding of the mental aspect of the game, and is a terrific teacher.  I could think of no better person to instruct you in

this complex and beautiful game.”


Standup Comidian & TV Personality

“Zen Pool is THE BIBLE for anyone looking to enjoy the game, improve their skills,

or hustle the hell out of somebody!”


Co-Author of the Best-selling Skinny Bitch series of Books

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“It’s like the bible of pool!”


San Diego

“Max has developed a vast knowledge of pocket-billiards that not only works in theory, but on the table where it really counts.  Learning his techniques will help players from the beginner all the way up to the more advanced player.”


ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Champion, www.cjwiley.com

“Max’s uncanny perspective to analyze and correct flaws in your playing will undoubtedly improve your game; his unique instructional style goes far beyond other pool methods and books in your relentless drive for perfection.”


Motivational Speaker, Arlington, VA.

“Max Eberle puts aspiring and experienced players on the path that will provide the foundation for world class play.”


“Max’s skills are absolutely ridiculous!! Seriously this man Plays and Coaches w the Best of them… valium and generic Much respect and admiration times X as an absolutely rare talent, amazing soul, and priceless contribution to the World.”

Sterling Williams

Fashion Designer & Actor, www.sterlingwilliams.com

“For those of you who might not have ever seen Max

play, he possesses the soundest fundamentals

I have ever seen, I would highly recommend

any advice/instruction he has to offer.”

Corey Harper

Pro Player, Rookie of the Year

Pasedena, CA

“I love this book!  It has improved my game by two balls”



“Zen Pool” is not as wordy like some other pool books available in the bookstores here. I always read it when my game isn’t going my way. It also motivates me and gives me a reason to improve on my game everyday.”


“Max is able to put clearly into words what it takes to get to higher levels by grooming better thoughts and techniques.  Using Max’s tips, practicing his approach, andIntegrating it into your routine, I can see where a player might jump a level or two.”

Chris Tate

Pool Table Sales

Los Angeles, CA

“Your book was just what I needed.  I met my old adversary again last week in a league match. Thrashed him 8-2. A close friend, who is also a very good pool player asked, “How the hell did you do that?” “Zen Pool”, I said.”


United Kingdom

“Got so much from this book, went on to be mentally strong and that translated to the physical part of the game. Book is worth much more!”


“This is a must have book for all levels trying to improve. Love it!”




Thank You and Play with Heart!

Max Eberle

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