In This HISTORIC First Ever Instructional DVD On The Subject…

“Learn How To Accelerate Your Improvement & Maximize Your Skill In ALL Pool Games Including 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, One Pocket, And 14.1 Straight Pool… With These Powerful Lessons On Controlling The Cue Ball And Clearing The Table… From A Veteran Professional Champion In The Most Challenging Of ALL The Games On A Pool Table… 15-Ball Rotation!

Discover The Inner Workings Of The True Master Key to Developing Other-Worldly Position Playing Skills, Especially In “Short Rack Rotation Games” like 9-Ball & 10-Ball In Record Breaking Time… The Same Secret That Legendary Filipino Masters Like Efren Reyes, Jose Parica and Many, Many More… Employed To Develop Their World-Beating Ability… The Same Secret That American Legends Of The 20th Century Were First To Have In Their Arsenal…

October 11, 2013
From the desk of Max Eberle

     Dear Fellow Pool Player,

Is it at all a possible that you would like to have more ability to control the cue ball, more understanding of which shot to shoot and why, more control of the table, and just win more matches,        period?

If your answer was “Yes” to any of these questions, then please read on…

     This Story Begins with my grandfather Charles Eberle or Pop, as us grandkids affectionately called him, and the stories he used to tell us at the kitchen dining table…  You see, back in the early 1900’s he was a very successful road player (aka traveling pool hustler), a real life Paul Newman from the Classic film “The Hustler,” back in the day when 15-Ball Rotation (also then known as “Chicago” or “Pill Pool” or “Kelly Pool”) was THE big money game of choice all across the United States.

Now 14.1 Straight Pool was big too, and was the game of choice in the major tournament arenas… but in every the pool hall across America (and there were untold thousands upon thousands of them) there was at least one table near the front with a sign on top of the light that stated “OPEN TABLE.”

OPEN TABLE meant that anyone who wanted to get in the game and play, was allowed.  They just had to wait till the end of the game in progress and then they would be the last in rotation of the players in the game to shoot.  There could be anyone from 3 up to 7 or more players in a game.

At the start of each game every player picks a numbered pill from a little plastic milk bottle looking bottle.  The number on the pill was kept secret and represented their ball on the table.  When a player managed to make the ball with the same number as their pill, the game was over and everyone else would have to pay them.

If in the course of the game a player made balls to which the other players had the corresponding numbered pill, the player on the sideline with that pill would have to pay the allotted amount to the player who just pocketed their ball.

If someone else makes your ball, then you would have to pay them.

So you can see the benefit of being able to run all 15 balls on a consistent basis, it meant you were simply going to make more money in the long run!


So now you can see the benefit of a player being able to run all 15 balls on a consistent basis…
it simply meant you were going to win more games and make more money in the long run…

Now it just so happened that my grandpa Pop was indeed able
to win and make money at this game all across the county.  He was so good at playing 15-Ball Rotation that his tactic in any new pool hall he entered as an unknown was to walk into the place, pick up a newspaper, and while reading it off on the side would discreetly watch the OPEN TABLE game and figure out who the best player was.

As soon as he figured that out, he would wait until they won a game and as soon as they did, he would then enter the open game.  This meant that while he was last in rotation, he would be shooting directly ahead of the best player as the game proceeded, and would hence be able to control the game.

This was one of his main tactics as a road player to earn enough money, even during the Great Depression, to support his travels and his wife and kids back home in Ohio whom he would send money to on a regular basis, enough to keep them fed and living a good life back in their comfortable home.

Now of course 15-Ball Rotation was not the only game my grandpa could play, he was also a master Straight Pool player, countless times running over 100 balls, and he was deadly in 9-Ball, 8-Ball, and even One-Pocket when he needed to be.  He also had his specialty “Road Shots” that he would proposition unbelieving players that he could make it, and when they bet against him, he would make the shot and take the money.  But those 15-Ball Rotation OPEN TABLE games were often his bread and butter, and 15-Ball was became a highly developed craft which he often employed to get the money.  So just what was the secret to my grandfather’s success in 15-Ball?


So just what was the secret to my grandfather’s
success in 15-Ball?


When you break a rack of all 15 balls take a look and see just how cluttered the table really is, and you will realize that the ability to consistently weave the cue ball in and out of all that traffic, consistently having a shot, with the proper angle to get on the next ball, is of utmost and dire importance.  In fact, controlling the cue ball with precision is a requirement.

As most kids do, I started out playing 8-Ball then graduated to also playing 9-Ball.  Straight pool was also in the mix and my game developed fast from 12-15 years old.  At some point though, after listening to my grandpa’s repeated stories of playing 15-Ball on the road, I started to take more interest in the game and began practicing it in the basement on the family 9 foot Brunswick Commander.

What began as a curiosity in 15-Ball quickly became an obsession!  I remember playing for hours on end, day after day, week after week, month after month during the summer time.  Of course I played the other games too, when practicing for an event or playing house guests and my cousins and uncle Dave.  After all I wanted to be a well rounded player.

In my later teens and early 20’s it seems that all I wanted to do was master running out in 15-Ball… and with steady work, I achieved a very high run out rate, mostly throwing the balls up on the table and spreading them out or breaking and taking ball in hand.

And believe it or not I got to the point where I would go racks on end without missing, without getting out of line, landing on my chosen spot or very close on every shot.  At my high points I would play what by most accounts would be considered perfect pool.  And if not at my very best, I would get out of line but recover and get back in line.  It was like a drug for me, the feeling of total control, and once you get that feeling of being in the zone you are hooked.  15-Ball generic brands for valium makes your zone gear even better.

In the Philippines at the Pan Pacific Hotel in 2003 while Manny Pacquiao was playing high stakes 9-Ball, I was practicing on another table.  One local player approached me to play 15-Ball Rotation and a crowd gathered, figuring the American would have no chance I suspected.  They were wrong, I beat the guy and won the cash.  In 2005 Danny K of Danny K’s Billiards held a Rotation Continuous Tournament with the top pros and A players on the west coast, guys like Jose Parica and company…  I won the event, the only rotation tournament I’ve played in.  In 2012 and 2013 I’ve won matches in both 15-Ball filipino 61 style and American Rotation against World 9-Ball Champion Ronnie Alcano, once called the King of Rotation in the Philippines.  Of course he has beaten me as well, but to win matches in 15-Ball against that guy is no easy feat.  Just go try it 😉

Developing my game with 15-Ball Rotation has helped me beat 15 World Champions over my years as a professional, and it can help you beat countless players in your class if you take it on as a game you play.

Now imagine running the table in 15-Ball over and over and then switching over to 9-Ball or 10-Ball.  Imagine how easy running the table in those games would be in comparison to 15-Ball.  Imagine how much cleaner your position play will be, how easy you will make the game look…

Of course when you just start up playing 15-Ball rotation you will make mistakes.  Lots of mistakes.  The table will seem too complicated, too congested.  You will get frustrated and pissed off for missing or snookering yourself.  You might not be able to run out a single rack in a practice session.  But you will improve, and you will begin to start running out, and this is where your game takes a quantum leap…

I guarantee you that learning to play 15-Ball Rotation will make you stronger, make you better, give you more skill that will make you a better player in all the other easier games.

If you’ve made it this far congratulate yourself. 
You take pride in your game and you want to perform well.  You are the kind of player who will do what it takes to get better and not put it off till a year from now or 5 years from now.

It is a player like you who will benefit the most from playing 15-Ball rotation either as practice or even against a local player.  I have specific drill styles of play.  There are at least 4 major rule sets for the game so choose the one you like that suits you the best in the moment.

Because of the enormous benefit that I know playing 15-Ball Rotation can and will have on your game, by accelerating your improvement and maximizing your skill, I’ve created a DVD specifically geared toward teaching you how to play through the example of real life racks that I run and explain to you my thought process and position options, explain mistakes and how to recover, and give drills on how to further accelerate your improvement and skill building process.

In This Jam Packed 2 Hour DVD You Will Discover…

  • The hardest part of the rack to run in a 15-Ball Rotation game
  • What you must be able to do in order to run the table
  • What is the best possible thing for your 9-Ball and 10-Ball games
  • How to develop an overwhelming sense of confidence and skill over standard 9-Ball and 10-Ball players
  • Gain a specific kind of confidence only earned from 15-Ball experience
  • When to opt for side pocket position
  • How to rack the balls in American Rotation
  • When to change your game plan
  • How to turn the Object Ball into a rail, and focus on cue ball speed
  • When is it good to have a bridge hand glove nearby
  • Recognizing the tangent tine to get shape
  • Why it is so powerful to be straight in to a ball that is close to the side pocket
  • When to take your time, find your line, stay down when you shoot, and give a nice confident stroke
  • How its helpful to have things that force you to get better
  • Learn great shots to practice
  • When its especially important to run out even when it seems easy
  • Keeping your head still
  • Getting through problem situations and focusing hard
  • Why it can be good NOT to make balls on the break while you practice
  • When it is ok to play a position route that “crosses the line of position”
  • What playing 15-Ball forces you to do
  • Multiple shot options (potential position routes) for dozens of shots
  • Another major benefit of playing 15-Ball besides improving your cue ball and position play
  • Learn the importance of concentration, staying in line, playing pinpoint position
  • What will make you a much better 9-Ball/10-Ball player in the fastest amount of time
  • Many examples of the “line of position”
  • How to avoid certain scratches
  • When to avoid scratching with speed control alone
  • How to straighten your angle off the 2nd rail with a “follow hook” shot
  • What are the “critical” shots of the rack
  • Where I’m planning to land for position, where I went wrong, how I plan to recover…
  • 3 killer practice drills to WARPSPEED your improvement and MEGABOOST your skill
  • What to avoid in setting up these drills
  • what to do if you mess up in your drill
  • How long to practice a drill
  • At what point can you expect that your 9-Ball game will become great?
  • How to figure out getting through traffic
  • Which shot and position options are best and why
  • When I get lucky on a shot how and why was it lucky
  • How to “kill” the cue ball
  • When your main focus should be on pocketing the object ball
  • A drill to improve your ability to get through small windows and land on small spots
  • Where the “one rail drill” comes in handy during a game
  • How the nature of this drill forces you to concentrate

What You Get Inside This DVD…

  • 2 hours (120 min.) of groundbreaking instructional content
  • 10 racks of 15-Ball where I break the balls and either talk you through my run out while I shoot, or narrate over the video of me running out, discussing my decisions, options, problems and opportunities in the layout, plus any mistakes in position and how to get out of them…
  • 3 powerful 15-Ball drills illustrated in 5 video segments
  • 1 HEAD CAM GOPRO run out where you get my player/stroking line view of all the shots
  • 1 HEAD CAM/NORMAL VIEW split view video where you can see my viewpoint and the normal elevated camera angle.

My Billiard Industry Leading “I’m-Not Here-To-Hustle-You” 30-Day Guarantee

Guarantee #1

The DVD will arrive working condition the first time or I will send you a new one free of charge until you get one that does work.

Guarantee #2
If you do not think the info in the DVD has provided valuable information which you tried out but absolutely did not help your game at all, I’ll refund you 100% of your money.

Guarantee #3
If you don’t like the sound of my voice or what my face looks like, or if you think I’m a poser who can’t play or teach and I just swipe material from credible instructors with honest credentials, I’ll refund you 100% of your money.

This Information Is Priceless For Your Game and Can Literally Help You Make $1,000’s Of Dollars And Beat 100’s of Players.  Info that powerful could easily cost $995 or $595.  But I’m not going to charge you that, not even $295, not $195, or even $95…  click button to see special offer for one super low price!


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