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MEUCCI CUSTOM CUES – The best cue on the market today!
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CBD OIL – Helps reduce shaking and anxiety.  Helps cure and prevent major diseases.  Legal in all 50 states in the USA and most countries across the world.

PHARMAXTRACTS CBD OIL – The most potent I offer here, a local Las Vegas company run by fantastic people, with many great products to choose from.

KANNAWAY CBD OIL –  A rock solid company with tons of stuff to offer.

CBD BIO CARE –  Another source of CBD Oil for your health.

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FADA VLOGS YouTube Channel – A little bit of everything.  Kenny sponsored me in the Asian Culture Day Pro Pool Championship, Thanks man great event!  I placed 5th in May 2018.  Click here to visit Fada Vlogs on YouTube.  


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