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My Awesome Product Sponsors

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I’ve been using a meucci cue for about 6 years now and absolutely love it!  My grandpa gave me a Meucci Original when I was about 15 and I ended up winning 2 national championships with it.  I’ve beaten many world champions and top pros with my current Meucci Pro-Series 5 with pro shaft and Techno Dud Tip.  You can find a few Meucci Cues with the Pro shaft at

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This supplement is an essential building block for just about every system of your body and we should all be taking it every day.  since I started taking it in 2015 I’ve felt amazing with more lean body mass gain and overall feeling of well being.  This translates into playing better pool and overall crushing it at life!  

Click here to order Perfect Amino

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This is my case of choice because its durable, it protects the cues so well, it’s lightweight, and it holds more cues compared to cases similar in size from other companies.  

They also look great and have an awesome double strap feature if you want it so you can wear it like a back pack and not tire out one shoulder during a tournament.  

Go to JBCASES.COM to pick up your favorite style and even design your own.  

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My buddy Steve Dittmar out of California makes a really cool line of pool themed clothing and accessories, so check him out at

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