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The stroking line is actually within a vertical plane as well, and it is in this plane where the grip, wrist, elbow and shoulder of the stroking arm reside when they are in the textbook stance.


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As a general rule for your practice strokes, look at the cue ball as you stroke toward it and until your cue stops near it, and look at the contact point on the object ball through and until the end of your back swing.


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By adjusting your body once you have already assumed your stance, you are losing accuracy by hindering other important parts of the shot-making equation. These include good balance, proper cueing of the ball, relaxation, ample preparation (warm up strokes, feeling, mental comfort), and a straight stroke from your center of vision to name a few.


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HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to thread a needle? When you tried for the first time, did you notice that you could hold the thread steady until you approached the eye of the needle, and when it was almost there your hand shook and the thread missed the eye? Attempting to pour liquid into the mouth … Read More


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So now that you are ready, you must aim. Aiming includes the entire formation of the stance, all the way through your final stroke, where you are fixed on the stroking line and ready to fire. It is pointless to get ready, aim, and then jump up as you stroke the cue.


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WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY DEFINES COMPOSURE as “calmness; self-possession.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 2nd ed., Simon & Shuster, 1979, p. 101) • Composure is remaining calm and focused enough to perform up to your capabilities. • Composure is consistently responding to stressful situations with empowering thoughts, feelings and actions. • Composure is letting go of past mistakes … Read More


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Sometimes you can get away with being a little less accurate with direction control because the position zone is so big, but other times being off by one degree can mess up a run.

The Best Pool Player I’ve Ever Seen

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The Best Pool Player I’ve Ever Seen It was 1987 late night at The Velvet Rail Billiards in Dover, Ohio which had recently opened.  My Grandfather Pop and I were done playing and a stranger playing alone was on the last table going.  I did not really pay much attention at first even though the … Read More

TRUST The Magic Ingredient

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This is a Free Chapter From ZEN POOL by Max Eberle After all these years of playing pool, I have determined that the most important skill in the game is trust. Sure, fundamentals and knowledge are very important, but trust is the ingredient that gives life to concentrated effort. If you do not know much … Read More

2008 “Best In The West” Pro Invitational Round Robin Champion

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2CCAJta3q8[/youtube] This shot was from Max’s undefeated first place win at the summer of 2008 Best In the West Pro Invitational cheap valium ireland Round Robin at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA.  Photo by David Thomson, mediumpool.com.

Max Eberle’s Eye of the Storm

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