A Sure-Fire way to improve your 9 & 10 Ball Games…

I know I’m fortunate as a pool player to have had a Grandpa who was a truly great player.  He could run 100 balls in Straight Pool all the time and regularly run all the way out in 15 Ball Rotation, so for him, 9-Ball was a piece of cake.   Learning how to control the cue ball was a priority in his teaching me… and I fell in love with playing 15 Ball rotation.  Once you get good at running all 15 balls, 9-Ball and 10-Ball become games that you can handle quite well.

After running the 1 through 5 in 15 Ball Rotation, the last 10 balls almost seem like a mere formality because you have opened up the table for a more easily run pattern.  Many players have a mental sticking point of messing up on the 7,8, or 9 while cheap valium pakistan playing 9-Ball… playing Rotation can help make those last few balls in 9-Ball seem less intimidating.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your problems are only mental on the last few balls.  Maybe you need to get better so that you simply have more confidence to defeat those last balls and consistently run the table.  Playing 15 Ball Rotation every day will help give you more skill and more confidence improve in a real way.  Once you start playing it and make a few good runs, you just might get hooked on what I consider the best game in pool.

Practice hard, have fun, and I’ll see you soon!

Max Eberle

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