Snow Bird Pool Player

Well after sensing the cold coming on up in northern Virginia I finally had to pack my car and head south for the winter. Had a great visit for a few months with my little sister Katey and step dad Tom. Also got to hang out with lots of my old friends from the mid Atlantic area like Paul Oh who I’ve known since we met in a late tournament match in the ACU-I region 7 event in my senior year at JMU. He had been away from pool for years and I’m happy to see that he is getting back into it as he’s got talent. He also sponsored me into the US Open 9-Ball this October which was a blast.

Was also cool to see my ole best friend John Schaefer, his wife Sandy, and their beautiful four kids. And got to revisit with his folks George and Mary Ann who are like another set of parents to me.

Met a lot of new friends around northern Virginia like QBong and Kimberly. Too much late night Korean food has helped me keep on the weight I’ve gained in the last year so discipline, and exercise are on the itinerary for the next long stretch of time!

It’s been a long crazy year of criss-crossing the USA from buy valium beijing Idaho to Colorado, California to Texas, Ohio to Vermont and Montreal, DC to NYC, and now down to Florida to keep my fingers warm, get tons of work done, play lots of pool, and visit with my two great cousins Ed and Matthew Hardesty here on their mossy Oak filled ranch.

I’ve been enjoying playing at Livingston’s Billiards in Bradenton, FL. It’s a nice, big, clean room, with lots of nice people, and there are some pool players around here too… Lots of pool monsters of the table lurking in sunny FL haha. It could get very interesting.

And there are some cute, blond, Russian, lady tennis coaches running around too, so the tennis and dating scene should be fun. I know I play better pool the more I exercise so let that be the lesson for today. Stay in shape as much as you can, and your game will be stronger!

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Shoot Straight and “Never Turn the Cue Ball Loose!”

~Max Eberle

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