Feel great about your pool game!

Have you ever had one of those days away from the pool table where you were feeling totally great physically and mentally, and then when you went to play pool all of your shots seemed to be easy and fun, at least more than normal. And then that feeling of fun on the pool table carried over for days or weeks beyond, and your pool game improved as a result. That one day of feeling great improved your game, and the positive feelings that you have about your pool game, creating a cycle of positive feelings and positive results with your shot making and cue ball control.

I’d like to suggest that you can think about your pool game in a positive light and generate positive feelings about your game as a result. You can do this away from the pool table, and it will carry over into your real game on the pool table. Instead of being the victim of your feelings, if say you happen to have a bad day emotionally, went to go play pool, and then had a less than average showing. You could make sure to do your best to put yourself in a positive, buy d10 valium fun, joyous state of feeling right before you play… and anytime you are thinking generally about your billiard (pool) game.

Create a positive ball of thought and emotion around the idea of your own pool game. This will then grow and influence how fast you improve and how good you are capable of becoming. This idea comes from my studies on the “Law of Attraction” such as explained in the popular movie “The Secret” and books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I can verify it as being true when looking back on my career up until this point and observing the connection between my good days and improvement with how I thought about my pool game and my ability to play pool well.

So not only do you want to think positive about playing pool, you need to feel positive as well.

See how that helps your pool game and your frequency of clearing the table.

See you soon…

Max Eberle

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